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Alta Equities is a leading and top performing lending partner in Southern California. We focus on streamlining our process to take care of your clients. Our experience and liquidity allows us to conduct due diligence and close quickly. Our proven track record and our commitment to our relationships in the communities we serve makes us your best option to choose as your go-to partner.

We always follow through and keep our promise to you and your clients!

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At Alta Equities, we excel at doing business with brokers. We value brokers as our clients and colleagues, and we always provide professional service with integrity and passion for our work.

What are the benefits of working with Alta Equities? For one thing, we’re the most experienced professionals in the game. We know how to serve brokers by providing realistic assessments. We are also famous for our quick turnaround; when you submit your online loan application, we can guarantee a response within 24 hours.

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  • We operate an investment fund with purchasing power of $10,000,000+.

  • We are liquid and have all of our capital “in-house” – no need for hard money loans or looking for capital on a deal by deal basis.

  • Successfully purchased, rehabbed, and sold over 150 homes since 2009.

  • Infrastructure to manage 25+ projects at any given time.

  • Looking to purchase 75+ properties per year.

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How quickly can I broker a hard money loan? 2017-08-16T08:06:46+00:00

We can provide approval in as little as 24 to 48 hours and we can often fund within a week. In the event of an emergency or a foreclosure situation, we can expedite the process to suit your needs.

Is it possible to request a pre-approval letter? 2017-08-16T08:06:10+00:00

If the transaction in question requires a pre-approval letter, we can provide you with a letter of pre-approval, often by the end of the same day that it was requested.

What kind of lender fees can I expect? 2017-08-16T08:05:37+00:00

We typically charge 1.5 points for broker originated loans plus an additional $1,570 which covers all other fees including BPO and loan docs. All required fees will be disclosed to you up-front and in a transparent manner.

Does Alta Equities loan on primary residences? 2017-08-16T08:05:02+00:00

State and Federal laws prohibit Alta Equities from providing loans on primary residences.

Can I expect pre-payment penalties? 2017-08-16T08:04:12+00:00

Pre-payment penalties may vary, and sometimes they may not be assessed at all. Alta Equities sometimes requires minimum guaranteed interest periods. We believe in clarity and transparency: before any agreement is arrived at, we will notify you of any and all pre-payment penalties that may result from the transaction.