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Hard Money Loans Made Easy

What We Do

Alta Equities is a leading California real estate investment company and hard money lender. We provide the short term loans and bridge loans that our clients need but may be unable to obtain through traditional mortgage lenders. Our borrowers rely on our ability to offer competitive terms, follow through, and close quickly to keep their deals moving.

Alta has grown by building trust with real estate investors who know they can count on us to provide the capital they need to close their deals. Our extensive track record investing in hundreds of our own properties allows us the flexibility to underwrite all types of private loans with a perspective that most other mortgage lenders are not able to provide. Alta’s strength lies in leveraging it’s partners’ vast experience in the real estate industry to put a team in place capable of raising capital, balancing risk and making sound investment decisions.


We like to fund all types of private loans. Click below to find out how we can help you get your deal closed.



We offer straightforward pricing and we stand by our commitments – because that’s how it should be



As a direct lender we can underwrite and fund in-house to get you the capital you need quickly



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“I have completed numerous transactions with Alta Equities and have found them to be knowledgeable, honest and reliable. If you are planning to work with them expect a pleasant and fair experience!”

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Alta Equities with a home purchase. They were extremely professional & had a cooperative attitude making it a positive transaction for all parties involved! One of the smoothest transactions I have enjoyed in over 14 years of residential real estate – looking forward to working with them again!”

Alison L, Realtor

“The guys at Alta Equities were wonderful to represent with their purchase. Right up front they completed all of their due diligence and inspections, and guaranteed the Seller they would close escrow without any issues or delays. The Seller needed a Buyer with the least amount of hassles and they could trust would close escrow on time. From start to finish, the escrow was very smooth.”

Kim H, Realtor

“The team at Alta Equities truly sets themselves apart from the other property investments groups I’ve dealt with in the past. As a Realtor having often dealt with unsavory real estate acquisition groups, it was a pleasure to find my client a buyer who was upfront, honest, true to their word and ethical. A lot can be said about a company like Alta Equities who displays such standards, when the norm of their competition most often lacks it.”

Jason S, Realtor